Our vision is to inspire our schools through innovative and collaborative school led improvement so every child and young person can thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our mission is to support member schools to raise outcomes for children and young people in HEP schools, so their achievement is at least as good as anywhere in the country.

HEP will deliver

The best support and challenge to lead schools
With inspiring approaches to teaching & learning
Driven by collaboration & innovation
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HEP are committed to the following values:

  • Ceaseless ambition for what our children and young people can achieve and be
  • Striving for equity and inclusion for all our children and young people
  • Working in partnership across our schools and colleges to make the difference
  • Taking shared responsibility for the communities we serve
  • Acting with integrity and advocating on behalf of our children and young people and our schools

And we always want our schools to feel we:

  • Are schools led
  • Deliver excellence in everything we do
  • Constantly source new ideas, innovation and partnerships
  • Bring together our family of schools
  • Offer value for money


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