There are three Teaching School Alliances who are HEP members working in partnership with schools locally and further afield.

Our teaching schools make a significant contribution to the HEP CPD offer, supporting subject networks and Curriculum development in addition to their work with ITT and leadership support.

Our teaching schools have an important role to play in a school-led system and school improvement. Teaching schools are centres of excellence, taking a more focused role that prioritises:

  • Coordinating and providing high-quality school-led initial teacher training (ITT).
  • Providing high-quality school-to-school support to spread excellent practice, particularly to schools that need it most.
  • Providing evidence-based professional and leadership development for teachers and leaders across their network.

So that a self-improving, school-led system is at the heart of this work, teaching schools champion the following principals:

  • Effective delivery
  • Each teaching school alliance effectively delivers across all 3 areas of core activity: ITT; continuing professional development (CPD) and leadership development; school-to-school support.
  • Accountability

In order to ensure credibility and high impact of all teaching schools, they must adhere to requirements set by NCTL and co-operate with necessary reporting processes.

  • System leadership and engagement
  • Teaching schools build an effective alliance of schools, and work strategically with other schools and providers within their regional and sub-regional networks to ensure every school can engage in school-led improvement.
  • Continuous improvement

Each teaching school is required to pursue continuous improvement supported by the peer review process in order to develop and achieve/sustain maturity of provision.