HEP’s school improvement offer was designed with our member schools. As a member of HEP you can expect to have access to the best Improvement Partner (IP) team that can be found anywhere. All of our IPs are successful serving or ex-Head teachers and, collectively, the team brings a huge range of skills and experience.

Each member school has an allocated IP who is carefully matched to the needs and priorities of your school to bring high support and high challenge. You can also access the broader expertise and capacity across the team.

Successful schools rarely work in isolation. We also support our schools to collaborate through networks to support and challenge each other.

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It is foundational that we know our member schools very well so we can shape our support to help you on your journey to achieving exceptional outcomes for children and young people.  Each school and setting is allocated an IP who will provide external challenge and support. They will also be the link for your school to access additional aspects of the core offer and broker any additional support you may need. While each school has its allocated IP, schools can access the skills and expertise of the IP team through its allocated time or by purchasing additional time.

You can download our school improvement frameworks below:

  • Primary Framework
  • Secondary Framework
  • Special School Framework

With rigorous bespoke data analysis we ensure schools have an accurate understanding of outcomes for their children and young people. This includes:

  • Annual school level data pack with comparisons to local and national data
  • Target setting advice and challenge
  • Bespoke data analysis on request throughout the year
  • Expert advice on data and discounted access to data providers such as FFT
  • Access to data workshops for leaders and governors
  • Borough level analysis of cross-cutting issues such as BAME achievement

We review and support the development of key documentation for schools:

  • Annual validation of SEF
  • School Development Plan
  • Annual website compliance checks

Regular briefings for primary, secondary and special school leaders and governors keep you up to speed with:

  • National policy and legislation
  • Regulatory changes – Ofsted, STA, Ofqual and other key bodies
  • Local information
  • Wider research and resources

HEP has partnered with the best thinkers and experts in curriculum design and delivery. Working in partnership with Christine Counsell, HEP has designed, written and resourced a Key Stage 2 Humanities Curriculum. The Map, resources and training are free to HEP members. The project is ongoing and aims to provide a continuous cycle of training in subject knowledge and pedagogy. Science and the Arts subjects will follow. This work is also supported and developed through Subject Networks which work cross phase with subject and departmental leads.

You can find out more here

Collaboration is central to an effective school system so HEP provides support and invests £10k per annum in each of our geographical networks of schools.

You can find out which schools are in our networks here.

We support peer review between our member schools and we are developing a cross-borough approach with a number of other education partnerships across London.

We provided a traded service to support Headteacher performance management, including:

  • Independent and impartial support throughout the process from one of our expert Improvement Partners
  • Structured process updated yearly with HR advice and support
  • Central training for Governors to conduct their role effectively
  • Fully written up documentation
  • Supported mid-year review