Our vision is to inspire our schools to deliver their best for children and young people

Our mission is to raise outcomes for all in HEP schools, so achievement is as good as, or better than, anywhere in the country

To achieve this, HEP will deliver the best and most innovative school led, school improvement offer available

We always want our schools to feel we:

  • Are schools led
  • Deliver excellence in everything we do
  • Offer value for money
  • Constantly source new ideas, innovation and partnerships
  • Bring together our family of schools

Why HEP ?

  • HEP is a new type of organisation that enables schools to work in partnership whilst maintaining their unique identity
  • HEP offers the best school-led school improvement support available for individual schools
  • We keep schools protected by being ahead of the curve, doing the thinking and going above and beyond when schools need additional support
  • We are the ‘glue’ supporting partnership working between schools so they are not left isolated and vulnerable

How we add value

  1. We have one of the best, if not the best, group of Improvement Partners working with our schools – and we know every one of our schools
  2. We foster a culture of high ambition, partnership working and shared responsibility across our schools
  3. We support school collaboration through Networked Learning Communities and peer to peer review – with £10k per annum invested in each group
  4. We develop and promote the strengths of our member schools
  5. We keep our schools ahead of the curve – a huge emphasis on Ofsted framework and a huge investment in developing a knowledge curriculum
  6. Leading on ‘strategic priorities’ in collaboration with our schools: BAME achievement; STEM; safeguarding; Alternative Provision and exclusions
  7. Connecting our work to the best research and evidence through the Institute of Education’s Centre for Education Improvement Science
  8. Playing a leading role in London and nationally and connected to DfE and Ofsted policymakers