Religious Education and SACRE

What is SACRE?

SACRE stands for Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education. They were first introduced on a voluntary basis in the Education Act of 1944. The 1988 Education Act, (sections 11-13) however made it the statutory duty of each Local Authority (LA) to establish its own SACRE. Their position was further consolidated by the 1996 Education Act (Chapter 56).

Functions of SACRE:

  • To advise the LA on matters relating to Collective Worship (CW) across local schools.
  • To advise the LA on the religious education (RE) to be given in accordance with their Agreed Syllabus (AS)

To enable SACRE to deliver these functions the SACRE must:

  • Require the LA to review its agreed syllabus – the representative groups (other than the LA representatives) may at any time ask for a review of the syllabus. Following this request, the LA must convene a conference to reconsider the agreed syllabus.
  • Offer and provide ways of supporting schools in the delivery of the agreed syllabus and monitoring the delivery.
  • Monitor inspection reports on RE, CW and SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development).
  • Consider applications for determinations from Head teachers. This is an application requesting that the school be released from the requirements for CW to be of a mainly Christian character developing and maintaining links with local and national faith communities.
  • Develop and maintain links with local and national faith communities.
  • Produce an annual report of its work.

Who is on SACRE?

SACRE is required by law to be made up of four groups in order to bring a wide range of interests and talents to its work and to reflect local communities, the categories are:

  • Group A: faiths and beliefs representative of the local communities, including Christian denominations other than Church of England.
  • Group B: the Church of England.
  • Group C: teachers’ professional associations.
  • Group D: elected member of the Council and Children’s Services representatives.

The Haringey SACRE is a community of teachers, Haringey-based faith leaders and representatives, and members of the Local Authority. We also have a number of co-opted members who sit outside of these categories.

Through the SACRE, local communities and teachers have the opportunity to influence directly what pupils learn in RE.

Meetings and Responsibilities for the Representative.

  • Meetings are held four times a year on agreed dates from 5.00pm -7.00pm at the Haringey Education Partnership office, Hornsey School for Girls, Inderwick Road, N8 9JF. On occasions they have and will take place in a range of faith venues and schools.
  • The SACRE meetings for 2021-2022 have been scheduled as follows:
      • Tuesday – 19th October 2021 (5pm-7pm)
      • Tuesday –  30th November 2021 (5pm-7pm)
      • Tuesday – 22nd March 2022 (5pm-7pm)
      • Tuesday –  28th June 2022 (5pm-7pm) Celebration
  • Some members may attend special meetings of working parties or projects undertaken by SACRE. Members who cannot attend a meeting for any reason are required to send a deputy and notify the clerk 3 days before the meeting of their nominated replacement. SACRE meetings are open to observers to attend.
  • Contribute to meetings by sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise as a representative of their nominated group, sensitively and respectfully.
  • Champion the work of SACRE to support RE and related areas of work on Collective Worship, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC) more widely across appropriate networks. We welcome contact and visits from interested individuals or representatives of organisations to our meetings.

We recognise that SACRE is a body composed of voluntary members who give up their time willingly to support Religious Education and we thank you for your support.

Find out more about SACRE meetings, members and contact details via our dedicated clerk [email protected]

Haringey SACRE is a member of the National Association of the Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education (NASACRE)


Group A: Christian denominations other than the Church of England and principal religions represented in Great Britain 
Robert Allaway (Chair) Baptist Churches
Tonye Philemon The Peace Alliance and Pentecostal Churches
Sandra Kviat Crouch End Chavurah
Bibi Khan Local Mosque
Breda Parsons Baha’i Community
Norman Bacrac Humanist
Ali Arslan Alevi Community
Maitripushpa Bois Buddhist
Mark Grosskopf Tottenham Jewish Community Association
Group B: Church of England
Vacant TBC
Sally Moore Primary RE Advisor London Diocesan Board of Schools
Eddie Griffiths Lay CoE Member
Group C: Teachers Associations, including representation from Academy Schools
Glenford Johnson Vice-Chair Teacher, Hornsey School for Girls
Bernie Sheridan Teacher, Greig City Academy
Group D: Local Authority, including elected Councillors
Fay Jackson HEP Advisor
Sheila Peacock Cllr
Chenot Sakina Cllr
Alessandra Rossetti Cllr
James Chiriyankandath Cllr
Ian Blaney                                                                                               Governor Representative
Co-opted non-voting members
Jan McGuire Independent RE Advisor to Haringey SACRE
Jean Brown                                                                                             LB Haringey
Also in attendance
Maria Gabrielczyk Clerk

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Agenda | 24 September 2019

Minutes | 24 September 2019

Agenda | 3 December 2019

Minutes | 3 December 2019

Zoom Meeting | 24 March 2020

Zoom Meeting | 31 March 2020

Zoom Meeting | 21 April 2020

Zoom Meeting | 30 June 2020

SACRE Agenda
SACRE agenda

Zoom Meeting | 20 October 2020

SACRE Agenda

Zoom Meeting | 1 December 2020


Zoom Meeting | 23 March 2021


Zoom Meeting | 29 June 2021


Annual Report


Guidance for Academies and Free Schools
RE and Collective Worship in Academies and Free Schools Q&A
Collective Worship
Collective Worship Information
NASACRE Collective Worship Leaflet
Guidance on Withdrawal
Withdrawal Exemplar Document
Role and Purpose
About SACREs
SACRE Members Handbook
SACREs and Religious Education

Download the Determination Advice

Download Islam: the Concept of Jihad

PREVENT: Teaching controversial issues toolkit
Suffolk SACRE under the leadership of Jan McGuire 2016/17 (The Advisor to Haringey SACRE) and with contributions from many Suffolk teachers produced this suite of resources for working with schools on the PREVENT Agenda. The Toolkit provides a bank of exemplar resources that introduces a 6 step teaching methodology for the delivery of controversial and sensitive issues in the RE classroom. The resource won a special commendation and National Accord Award 2017. The Teaching Controversial Issues Toolkit was adopted by the UN in 2018. All schools have free access to these materials.
Council of Europe (2015). Living with controversy: Teaching controversial issues through education for democratic citizenship and human rights (EDC/HRE). Training pack for teachers. Available at:

Teaching Controversial Issues Toolkit

Death and Coping with Bereavement: Free Booklets

Westhill NESACRE Bridging Diversity: SACRE Servicing Officers Report 29th June 2019

Teaching Controversial Issues

Worldviews and Religious Education Training and Curriculum Support

Specific support to:

  • NQTs
  • Teachers
  • RE subject leads
  • Deputy Headteachers
  • Headteachers
  • Governing Bodies
  • Department audits
  • Curriculum action planning
  • REQM pre and post Ofsted support

Please contact Jan McGuire or Fay Jackson at the Haringey Education Partnership  – 020 3967 5090.