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We recommend schools consult with our Governor Services team before purchasing a clerking package. Please contact Brenda Bruno on 020 3967 5097 or [email protected] for advice and further information.

Meetings in Excess of 2.5 Hours£85.00


Hearings/Disciplinary Meetings 2019/2020£190.00
Clerking for Committees: 1 Committee Meeting 2019/2020£400.00
Clerking for Committees: 3 Committee Meetings 2019/2020£1,100.00
Clerking for Committees: 6 Committee Meetings 2019/2020£1,950.00
1 Governing Board Meeting 2019/2020£500.00
4 Governing Board Meetings 2019/2020£1,800.00
6 Governing Board Meetings 2019/2020£2,600.00


Hearings 2020/2021£190.00
1 Meeting 2020/2021£500.00
3 Meetings 2020/2021£1,400.00
6 Meetings 2020/2021£2,600.00


Service Standards

  • Minutes are prepared and despatched within 10 school days of a governing body meeting.
  • Clerks draw up agendas in consultation with the Chair and distribute agendas and papers 7 days prior to meetings.

In addition to the standard terms and conditions the following will apply:-

Meetings that exceed two hours

A half hour grace period is given after which additional charges will be incurred

Cancellations charges

The full cost of the meeting will be charged once the Clerk has arrived at the meeting.

A cancellation fee will be incurred should a meeting be cancelled on the day of the meeting at half the meeting rate.

Meetings cancelled after the despatch of the agenda up to 24 hours before the meeting will be charged at a quarter of the meeting rate

Notice Period

This is a continuous contract that will require schools to give at least two terms notice at any point during the year should they wish to cancel the service provided. Failure to provide such notice will incur the full cost of the service.