Course overview: Boosting subject knowledge at KS2 in primary history

This practical webinar is intended to give primary teachers an overview of the academic knowledge needed to teach the Romans at KS2 more confidently, in line with National Curriculum expectations and to the greater depth of knowledge expected by the OFSTED framework. It will show how the fascinating archaeological evidence from the Roman city of Pompeii, buried under the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius can be used to introduce pupils to the long history of the rise and decline of the Roman Empire. The webinar will demonstrate how pupils can consider the diversity of Roman Britain and how they might debate the original purpose of Hadrian`s Wall (which is not as obvious as it might seem). The lasting legacy and significance of Roman rule in Britain will also be considered. All substantive knowledge will be grouped around rigorous historical enquiry questions linked to the second order concepts of disciplinary knowledge, organised into a potential medium term plan with suggested activities and helpful activities included.

Andrew Wrenn – Andrew is a freelance consultant and writer in history education and a former Humanities Advisor for an English local authority. As well as being a honorary Fellow of the Historical Association, he is an experienced teacher, trainer and writer and an assessor for the HA`s Primary Quality Mark Award. Andrew has written extensively for publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Pearson, HarperCollins and Routledge, with texts on The First World War, Presenting the Past, History and Citizenship and Twentieth Century (Collins Key Stage 3 History). He has also written for the Historical Association, the BBC and the Times Educational Supplement