Heads UP with Sonia Gill

Successful Developmental Conversations (it’s not about pay it’s about progress)

Cost:  Free to CPD package Members

3rd December 2020

9-12pm on Zoom 

Performance management occurs every year, it can drive school improvement, but it rarely does.

Sonia Gill will be sharing how to make your performance management cycle a meaningful and enjoyable part

of school life.

Learning outcomes:

● To know what level your performance management currently is.

● To have 5 ways to improve your performance management so that it is increasingly development.

● To know how to strategically drive your team’s development, quickly.

Presenter: Sonia Gill, Founder & Director of Heads Up Ltd

Sonia Gill has an impressive track record in supporting headteachers to create genuinely outstanding schools. She doesn’t focus on the Ofsted framework and yet the schools she supports are far more likely to achieve ‘outstanding’ than those that don’t.