Course overview:

  1. A rationale for creative and ambitious English
  2. A case study on how key principles for depth and challenge can raise standards and be adapted to your school’s needs.
  3. This will include: quality reading culture; access for all learners to literature, children’s fiction and picture books; quality text to quality writing links.
  4. Range of strategies explored to unlock learning and build new knowledge
  5. Ideas for texts, poetry and reading journeys
  6. Principles for curriculum design and the map of learning
  7. An emphasis on opening doors for all to a love of reading and to reading challenges
  8. New energy to enjoy developing your ideas further!


Bob is the author of the award winning ‘Opening Doors’ series and has been presenting ideas about high quality learning and English at regional, national and international conferences for thirteen years.   Bob was a teacher for 23 years, then worked in school improvement for 5 years for an LA. Bob’s five books support moves towards a richer, deeper and more creative English curriculum. Bob also works in schools to stimulate approaches using quality texts: picture-books, children’s fiction, poetry and great literature. In a number of areas, Bob and his team deliver planned sessions to support ongoing curriculum development and creativity.

Everywhere, Bob emphasises a love of literature, past and present and a knowledge of great writers as springboards to excellence.