Membership of HEP is membership of a system that commits to working together to improve all of its ‘parts’ and to ensuring all our children and young people achieve the very best outcomes.

HEP is yours: HEP is an independent not-for-profit company set up by schools for schools. We are owned and governed by our member schools

HEP is a schools-led partnership: HEP is schools led in all that we do; we operate a high ambition, high support and challenge model

We want to deliver the best value for you: we have to deliver a high quality service to all our member schools because you have a choice; be demanding and ask us for what you want

We support a strong, collaborative school system: HEP members are a ‘family of schools’, we keep the system together and ensure schools are not left isolated and at risk

HEP aims to be the best there is: we are developing the most exciting and innovative school improvement offer there is. We want our schools to be the best schools in the country in which to teach and lead

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Service Level Agreement T’s and C’s
It’s been a pleasure to work with James and his team thus far. HEP has quickly established an effective hub and centre of excellence for school improvement and governance services for the benefit of member schools and students. We look forward to the partnership’s continuing success.
Chair of Governors, Fortismere Secondary School

I have found my IP to be immensely supportive throughout the year. They have provided challenge within a supportive and non-judgemental environment which has enabled me to look at areas for development in a new light. As my IP is a serving head teacher I have also been able to discuss issues which I know they are having to tackle in their school as well, enabling us to have productive discussions about what is and is not working in both our schools.

Headteacher, Campsbourne School


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