Membership of HEP is membership of a system that commits to working together to improve all of its parts and to ensuring all children achieve the very best outcomes. Any offer can be built around your school/s, reflecting your context and your strategic priorities

It is central to the founding principles of HEP that we know our member schools well, shaping our work and support so schools are able to move rapidly through their journey to provide and sustain exceptional provision and outcomes for children.  Each school and setting is allocated an Improvement Partner (IP) who will primarily provide external challenge and support, they will also be the link for the school in accessing additional aspects of the core offer and brokering any additional support that a school feels it may need. While each school has its allocated IP, schools can access the skills and expertise of the IP team through its allocated time or by additional time purchased.

Our IP team consists of a small team of central staff and a number of contractor IPs who have been specifically recruited to ensure there is a wide ranging skill set to meet the needs of our schools and support leadership in the system as a whole.

IPs will offer to their schools:

  • Termly visits built around a mutually agreed framework where school leaders will, along with their IP, design each visit to best support and challenge the schools work. Typically schools draw upon a range of activities
    • Data review along with school priorities
    • Review and validation of SDP/ SEF – challenge to school’s own judgements using data, plus information received from any peer challenge reports (can be Desk top)
    • Challenge for senior and middle leaders
    • Health Checks for year groups or departments
  • Annual Website compliance check (Desk top)
  • Access to an Annual Safeguarding compliance check audit tool

Schools will be allocated 4.5 days from their Improvement Partner (including prep and follow up). Where a school is in the Ofsted window this will be increased to 7 days so that schools can access specific support in relation to support and preparation for inspection.

For schools facing additional or specific challenges, their allocation of time will be tailored to meet their needs. This may include the establishment of a project board or rapid recovery group.

Ensure schools have an accurate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their data which will support SEF and SIP/SDP writing.

  • Analysis of school data, comparisons with local and national data – annual report across all phases.
  • Annual data school profiles (bespoke as requested).
  • Access to data reports which support leaders to be able to quickly make comparisons between schools, NLC and national data sets.
  • Access to expert advice with regard to data.
  • Access to discounted bespoke training with regard to data analysis.
  • 1 data workshop for leaders of all phases including sessions for Governors.
  • Access to an open and transparent RAG rating system which enables the system to make an early identification of issues arising and to know where its strengths are.
  • Target setting advice and challenge.
  • Annual Validation of SEF – challenge to school’s own judgements using data, plus information received from any peer challenge reports (desk top)
  • Support and validation of School Development Plan priorities (Desk top)
  • Annual Website compliance checks (Desk top)

Primary delivery mechanism for school to school support, joint working on local priorities and the engagement with local communities.

  • Membership of an NLC and access to joint working on local priorities.
  • Membership of a school peer challenge group at a reduced cost (e.g. SPP).
  • Support for new Headteachers via a ‘buddy system’ alongside tailored workshops.
  • Access to subject leader networks – led by schools within NLCs.
  • Secondary, Primary and Post 16, Special schools network across the partnership.
  • Access to joint moderation opportunities – NLC or cluster led with specific groups for Secondary, Primary and Post 16, Special schools and Nursery.
  • Access to a brokerage function for school to school support as required- within an agreed protocol and payment structure.
  • Access to an application for contingency funds if school should find itself requiring intense school improvement support.

Phase and setting specific monthly meetings and half termly breakfast briefings will be delivered to keep Headteachers up to speed with:

• Ofsted updates
• DfE developments
• Statutory duties
• CPD opportunities
• Budget and finance updates
• Curriculum updates
• Safeguarding updates
• Legal updates and HR
• Governance updates
• Health and Safety

Heads can recruit high quality NQTs to the local partnership giving schools access to a central database of vetted NQTs.

  • Access to an NQT pool – Primary and Secondary.
  • Exploration into Special and Post 16 service.
  • Access to high quality, discounted NQT training programme.
  • Promotion and advertisement of vacancies and jobs in school via HEP website and relevant publications.
  • Access to discounted rates for supply teachers from preferred provider.

An advice hotline will ensure that all Headteachers can receive timely advice and signposting if issues arise, including:

  • Buildings
  • Leadership and Management
  • Ofsted
  • Safeguarding
  • Exclusions
  • Data
  • Assessment
  • Moderation