Through the establishment of an NQT pool and in partnership with recruitment experts, Haringey Heads can recruit high quality NQTs to the local partnership giving schools access to a central data base of previously vetted NQTs.

HEP in partnership with Teaching School Alliances, SCITT, Teach First and other ITT institutions will ensure that ITT students are well trained and recruited to our schools.

  • Advertising vacancies on the HEP website and through social media channels. Advertising in Guardian Jobs at a hugely discounted rate
  • Access to an NQT pool – Primary and Secondary
  • Exploration into Special and Post 16 services
  • Access to high quality discounted NQT training programme
  • Access to discounted rates for supply teachers from partner providers
  • Power of group purchasing and support for bid writing

Teaching Schools, NLEs and SLEs

HEP has the benefit of working in partnership with the Coldfall Teaching School and the North London Teaching Alliance. Working in partnership to

  • Recruit, train and retain the very best teachers for our schools through a range of ITT programmes
  • Enhance evidence based and action based CPD in schools
  • Broker support from the best NLE’s and SLEs available locally and nationally
  • Support the development, accreditation and deployment of SLEs in and beyond Haringey

NQT Support and Induction

Full professional guidance and advice, with quality assurance, for schools who engage NQT staff

Haringey LA acts as the ‘appropriate body’ AB for the induction of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in line with the national statutory guidance. Haringey Education Partnership carry out the AB role. The AB functions are carried out by experienced HEP NQT induction coordinator and administrative staff.

The AB is neutral and provides impartial advice to both NQTs and schools. Our services are designed to support schools with this process and we offer additional support and guidance as required.


  • We provide schools with assurance that schools are aware of, and capable of meeting, their responsibilities for induction
  • Our service supports schools to maintain suitable records of NQTs progress
  • Our assessment is fair and consistent across all institutions
  • We provide named contacts within our service to support schools with the induction process
  • We have experience to establish new processes, developed in partnership with schools, for the specific benefit of school and NQTs who we are engaged to support

Key Service Features

  • Provides comprehensive information, support and advice relating to NQT induction
  • A monitoring, assessment and quality assurance role is undertaken

Our Services in Detail

  1. We provide support to register and monitor the progress of NQTs in line with the national guidance to the National College of Teaching and Learning (NCTL)
  2. We work closely with schools to support making decisions on the outcomes of statutory induction for NQTs
  3. Quality assuring schools systems for monitoring, supporting and assessing NQTs through collection of termly assessment reports and visits to a selected sample of schools. If required our support may include lesson observation
  4. We provide advice and guidance on the induction of NQTs for headteachers, governors, induction tutors and NQTs
  5. Our service can offer advice and intervention for schools where NQTs are at risk of failure


  1. Supporting schools with NQTs in achieving satisfactory completion of their statutory induction year
  2. Conduct a programme of monitoring visits (all maintained schools) with in a three year period or as otherwise agreed with the school
  3. Our staff are professionally trained and accredited in line with current and emerging legislation and best practice. Our advice will be based on professional guidelines

Statutory Services

  1. The local council provides the NCTL as relevant body with the required details of NQTs: who have started, completed (satisfactory or not) require an extension or left school partway through an induction period according to required timescales in a prescribed manner
  2. Ensure NQT records and assessment reports are held by the AB for a period of six years
  3. Support national appeals statutory guidance for grievance issues


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