Employment law gives people the right to reasonable unpaid time off and some employer’s give paid leave for school governor duties. Many employers actually encourage their staff to become school governors. They realise that the skills gained through being a school governor are transferable to the workplace.

Governors who always miss meetings without the permission of their fellow members may be disqualified from the governing body if they do not go to a full governing body meeting for six months from the date of the first meeting they miss. (This does not apply to the head teacher.)

An apology sent by a governor before a meeting which he or she cannot attend must be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. A new requirement is that the minutes must also state whether the governing body consented to his or her absence and a copy of the minutes must be sent to the governor concerned.

The full governing body of every school must hold a meeting at least once every term.
Any governor may resign at any time. A governor must give written notice of his or her resignation to the clerk.
The chair and vice-chair are normally appointed at the first meeting of the school year. The governing body decides on the chair and vice-chair’s term of office before election. The minimum term of office is for one year and the maximum period is four years.


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