Annual membership of HEP costs £19 per pupil (FTE) for nursery, special and primary schools, with a cap of £12,500 for larger schools or £15,000 for secondaries with a sixth form. The fixed price for an FE provider is £7,500.

The annual per pupil cost works out approximately as follows:

  • Full 1 FE primary with nursery – £4,900
  • Full 2 FE primary with nursery – £8,400
  • Full 3 FE primary with nursery – £12,200

We absolutely recognise the pressure on school budgets and ensure we deliver the best possible value for money. We also put money back in our member schools’ pockets by negotiating significant group discounts [link to Resources / Partnerships and Discounts].

For Haringey schools, this is significantly cheaper than the previous ‘top slice’ for school improvement services.

Your school will receive an invoice for membership of HEP. Depending on the financial year for your school (which is different for maintained and academy schools), it is possible to pay at the beginning of the new financial year whether that is April or September.

No. Consideration has been given to different levels of buy-in (e.g. silver, gold, platinum). However, buying into HEP is not a purely transactional offer and we want to work closely in partnership with member schools. Membership also means signing up to the principles of collaboration and openness which underpin a whole system improvement so all HEP schools continue together towards excellence.

Yes. We want to work with schools who could benefit from HEP membership and buy into our vision and values. We aim to grow geographically to start with as we are serving connected communities and value the place-based approach to how we work.

Yes, if you are a Haringey school. We have tried to strike a balance between supporting ongoing collaboration with non-HEP members in NLCs, whilst also recognising that the £10k annual NLC budgets are funded from HEP membership. As a result, we are encouraging NLCs to continue to engage with non-HEP member schools but to ensure these schools do not take decisions or benefit financially from the NLC.

For HEP member schools beyond Haringey, we will either allocate you to one of the NLCs or establish an equivalent (funded) mechanism in your area.

Schools are asked to buy into HEP for a minimum of two years initially and then renew membership on annual basis. We aim to deliver the best school improvement available anywhere with a strong focus on providing value for money, so we hope you will want to stay with us.

The HEP Board of Directors comprises the Independent Chair, the Chief Executive, the Director for Children’s Service in Haringey Council and 8 elected posts across HEP member schools. Elections for 4 of the 8 posts take place annually through a vote of Heads and Chairs of Governors in HEP member schools. Once elected, a Director is expected to serve a two year term on the Board.