Christine Counsell

Christine Counsell taught history and RE in state schools before becoming head of history, deputy headteacher and then a local authority adviser for primary and secondary history. She subsequently led the history PGCE course at the University of Cambridge for 19 years, while also working nationally and internationally with policy makers, scholars, teachers and teacher educators in history education.

Christine developed particular expertise in the teaching of historical argument especially with low-attaining or marginalised pupils and in challenging contexts such as post-conflict zones of Cyprus and Lebanon. Christine later became Director of Education of a multi-academy trust serving primary and secondary schools in areas of disadvantage. Christine has published widely, including many curriculum resources, and is editor of the journal, Teaching History. She currently serves on the boards of David Ross Education Trust, Ark Curriculum Plus and Now Teach.

Steve Mastin

Steve Mastin worked for 20 years in state schools across England, as a history teacher, then a head of history, and as a senior curriculum specialist across primary and secondary schools in a multi-academy trust.

Steve has helped train teachers for the University of Cambridge and has worked with international Ministries of Education including Singapore and Egypt. He has spent years supporting curriculum design, implementation and teacher training in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, helping them to broaden their curriculum and balance national and world history.

Steve has been an examiner with a leading UK exam board for both ancient and modern history. He has advised the UK Department of Education on the history curriculum, assessment and exam reform. He also works closely with Classics for All to encourage more state schools to teach the history and languages of the ancient world.


Brenda Hayles

Brenda Hayles has over 25 years’ experience of delivering outstanding teaching, leadership and professional development in diverse schools across London. During her time as a Deputy Headteacher, Brenda began working with schools as a Consultant, Coach, Facilitator and training provider, including delivery and assessment of the NPQSL and NPQML programmes for the Institute of Education. She has been leading borough Science Networks meetings since 2016, supporting science leaders in teaching, learning, and assessment. In recognition of her achievements, she was awarded the 2016 rising Stars Award in Education and Academia.


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