Membership of HEP entitles your school to:

  • All of our membership services
  • Engaging in school-to-school collaboration
  • And benefiting from the significant group discounts we negotiate [link to Resources / Partnerships and Discounts]

You will also be able to access our Traded Services [link to Traded Services landing page] at a lower cost the non-member schools.

Annual membership of HEP costs £19 per pupil (FTE) for nursery, special and primary schools, with a cap of £12,500 for larger schools or £15,000 for secondaries with a sixth form. The fixed price for an FE provider is £7,500.

The annual per pupil cost works out approximately as follows:

  • Full 1 FE primary with nursery – £4,900
  • Full 2 FE primary with nursery – £8,400
  • Full 3 FE primary with nursery – £12,200

We absolutely recognise the pressure on school budgets and aim to ensure we deliver the best possible value for money.