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HEP member schools benefit from a strong core package for school improvement. Schools can add to the time they have from their Improvement Partner or draw on the skills and expertise of the wider school improvement team to provide additional tailored support
Improvement Partner time and a range of other services can be commissioned and purchased at the following costs:

Service HEP member school Non-HEP member school
Improvement Partners £300 (half day) £400 (half day)
£550 (full day) £650 (full day)
Headteacher Performance Management £595 £695
Safeguarding Audit Free (short) £300 (short)
£500 £600 (full)
Website compliance check Free £400
All of HEP’s Improvement Partners have experience in supporting Headteacher Performance Management (or Headteacher’s appraisal). HEP ensures that Improvement Partners are always kept up-to-date with current legislation and best practice.

We use the following framework for HTPM:

  1. Remote review of previous targets and key documentation
  2. Meeting with Headteacher to review progress against targets and supporting evidence
  3. Meeting with Governors panel to assess if targets have been met, discuss supporting evidence and draft proposed targets for the coming year
  4. Meeting with Headteacher and review panel together to present and discuss panel decision regarding targets and present and refine targets for the coming year

The HEP Improvement Partner will write up the review using our proforma and work with the governor panel and Headteacher to ensure the outcomes and new targets are recorded accurately and agreed by all parties.

The Improvement Partner will also support a mid-year review with the Headteacher and governors panel should that be required.

If you are not a HEP member and would like to arrange Headteacher Performance Management with us please contact Fran Hargrove [email protected]

A school’s website compliance check is conducted annually, usually by a school’s Improvement Partner. HEP uses a regularly updated workbook to ensure school websites comply with current legislation. Points for action are clearly communicated through the completed workbook.

If you are not a HEP member and would like to arrange a website compliance check please contact Fran Hargrove [email protected]


Please speak to your school Improvement Partner or contact Fran Hargrove