We can rightly be proud of the quality of education in Haringey. Parents are currently able to choose from good or outstanding provision in over 90% of early years settings and 99% of schools (including all our nursery, secondary and special schools). In 2016, Haringey bucked the national trend with a large increase in GCSE results; pupil progress was in the top 10 local authorities nationally; and our looked after children achieved the best GCSE results in the country.

Over the past five years, improvement has been rapid and sustained across all of our schools. This represents a real success story for the borough and we can say confidently we now have a solid school system. Yet our ambition is to push further. We want Haringey to have a higher proportion of outstanding schools than our neighbours, both geographical and statistically; we want our children to be performing not just above national averages but well above London averages and in at least the top quartile.  Every child must mean every child: despite our recent achievements, we know unequal outcomes remain across and within our schools.


Haringey Education Partnership is a new and innovative approach ensuring all of our children and young people have the very best learning opportunities to reach their full potential.

Working in partnership, Haringey’s schools and the local authority are committing to the next big step in developing a truly outstanding education system from early years through to post-16. We already have a good system built on a strong collective ethos. Haringey Education Partnership will build on this to empower schools to work together to support and hold each other to account on behalf of our children and young people.

Haringey Education Partnership will be designed, majority owned and led by Haringey schools. It will be run with the sole focus of ensuring all schools are as good as the best and none are left behind, with access to the very best support and challenge available locally and nationally, tailored to the needs of each school.

Haringey will be a place where teachers and school leaders aspire to work and have the opportunity to develop their careers as part of a family of schools.

With the pressures on school budgets, Haringey Education Partnership will deliver the best possible value for money and ensure we make the best collective use of the considerable resources already within the borough.

Together, we are responsible for delivering the best possible outcomes for all our children and young people.


Membership of Haringey Education Partnership is membership of a system that commits to working together to improve all of its parts and to ensuring that all its children achieve the very best outcomes.

The HEP core offer has been built around ensuring that schools and settings have access to the support they need and value. We have worked closely with Heads to identity the things that have the most impact in supporting them and their leadership teams to secure improvement as they navigate the ever changing landscape.

Members will receive the core offer for a membership fee. The offer has been designed to provide schools, colleges and the wider education system with the information and support to know both its strengths and areas for development.

In joining, members will also be signing up to some of the key principles, including a willingness to share data and an openness to peer challenge and support.


Several boroughs have already developed their own school led partnerships and we believe the time is right to do so in Haringey. There is no single blueprint but our ambition is to build from a good to an outstanding school system that takes collective responsibility for all of Haringey’s children and young people. As a result, we will need all schools (regardless of phase or type) to work together to drive improvements for the borough as a whole. This needs to be supported and facilitated by a borough-wide partnership organisation through which the local authority can also commission its ongoing statutory and strategic functions.

How HEP operates and what the core offer is for schools has been co-designed with Headteachers, Governors and the local authority. The organisation will belong to and owned by, schools and the local authority, so the broadest possible involvement in shaping our offer is essential.

Whilst the core offer details are being continually developed, we are clear on a number of basic principles for the organisation. It must:

  • Unleash the collective capacity in our schools for the maximum benefit of our children, utilising and building upon existing school-to-school support structures such as Network Learning Communities and Teaching School Alliances.

  • Grow talent in Haringey with clear succession and career planning in place through development and leadership opportunities across the system.

  • Focus on the highest quality support and challenge, so schools can learn from the very best in Haringey and beyond.

  • Have the potential to grow to provide a wider range of services related to school improvement and the potential to trade across and beyond the borough’s boundaries.

  • Offer excellent value for money whilst being financially sustainable and resilient in the face of changes to national policy.

Reflecting the collective ownership and responsibility, HEP will provide more than a transactional service offer. Schools will be buying into a core membership offer that is tied to an agreed way of working which fosters an open and accountable environment, with no school left behind. Over and above this, there will also be a traded element so schools can tailor the specific support they want to receive, either from other schools in the borough or from the best, nationally.